Hi, I am Eftychia and I am from Limassol, Cyprus.  I am a Fellow Chartered Certified Accountant and  I live in the outskirts of Limassol with my husband and children.   I started my first blog Cooking and Cake Decoration, back in 2007  as I love to cook but most of all bake.  As I often tell my husband cooking is an infatuation but baking is deep love and passion and one day I want to turn this passion of mine into a business.

I am a full-time working mum and now that my children will be going to school this year, I am hoping to have more free time to devote to this passion of mine.

I am making small steps at a time, but you do have to start from somewhere, so hope you’ll join me along this journey of mine.

I welcome suggestions of all kinds.  Thank you for visiting my blog.



2 Responses to About

  1. thoma says:

    tongue twisting name ;P
    i love baking too and it’s so nice to read that you wanna business on this. wish you were nearer. we could have partnered lol
    and you’re a certified CA. wow brainy!
    i’m working on my next blog post. i’ll notify you. do pop in then.
    lovely to meet you here. i want to change my blog later to only cakes n desserts stuff.
    all the best and look forward to sharing!

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